Taxis in Barcelona are reasonably priced and usually friendly, although not many speak English. This shouldn't pose much of a problem, however, as most taxi drivers know the addresses even when "pronounced incorrectly"

The average price for taking a taxi within the central area of the city is 5-8€. if you are travelling further to the outskirts of the city, prices will be a bit higher, but usually no more than 10-13€. There are additional fees for baggage, usually less than a euro per bag and a taxi ride from the Airport costs around 20€, maybe little less. If you happen upon one of the rare unscrupulous taxi drivers from the airport and the charge is outrageous (around 50€) you can attempt to not pay and ask to explain the situation to the "policia"

All in all, taxis are a great way to get around Barcelona at any time of day or night and the prices are very reasonable compared to other major cities of the world.


Welcome to Barcelona

How To Use. If arriving at the Norde International Bus Terminal, The Subirats is  right down the street, when you exit left out of main bridge going out. Please follow the same instructions as if you were arriving the Arc De Triomf Metro Stop. See Pictures here. If you are coming into the Victoria  on Comtal, you should take the Shuttle Bus From Airport to Plaza Catalunya- same if arriving Rey Don Jaime or Annex. PLEASE SEE "VICTORIA" instructions if you are Rey Don Jaime or Annex - they are across street from each other.  Rhond Sant Pere is the street Subirats is on and it runs from the Arc de Troimf Metro , past us all the way to Plaza Catalunya. You can walk from the Norde Bus to the Rey Don Jaime or Annex, but we recommend following other ways- as it is 5 long blocks!

Welcome to our easy photo guide to each of our places in the Barcelona area. Follow the links to the left for specific directions to each of our properties. We also include here useful links for finding your way around the city.

Girona Airport Guest :

Please visit below website to see the bus schedule. Honestly the bus leaves every couple minutes when it gets full. If you buy round ticket its about 19 euro.

Sagales  Transport to and from Girona and Barcelona

This bus will take to to the Barcelona Bus Station Estacion Nord which is very close to our Subirats. Please visit also this link and read the last part ( where you can see helpfull photo also )
Please see the map and directions from and click on Victoria for more directions to the Victoria . The Victoria  is short walk from Plaza catalunya

Basics of Barcelona

Below is a map of the Barcelona metro system. Although it may be difficult to see here, clicking on it will take you to a zoom version on the official Metro website. Notice you can click on the Red Lin #1 and actually see how close we are to Arc de Triomf Metro etc etc. Please feel comfortable to "poke around" on all the pictures here and links, and "visually see your way" before you get here- that way it will all look familiar. We get many many request how to get here from Girona- don't worry it is very common for our guest to fly in on Ryan Air and then arrive here. Please see Girona Airport Info- this site. Bravenet Hit Counter

Metro is Great!!

Barcelona's subway system is called the Metro and is easy to use and has incredible prices. A ticket for ten rides costs just under 7€ bringing the price per trip to under 0.70 cents. Not only that, but this ticket is good on ANY public transport inside barcelona; the Metro, the Renfe regional trains, the day and night buses, etc. Barcelona's Metro stays open until 12 midnight every day and on Friday and Saturday nights it stays open until 2 A.M. After that the night buses run everywhere in the city for all hours of the night.

Barcelona's Renfe regional trains can take you to the many wonderful nearby towns and beaches that are too far to reach by Metro. Additionally, the Renfe provides fast and easy transport from Barcelona's international airport into the heart of the city, Plaza Catalunya. From this Plaza, transport to and from our AAE Properties is simple and quick. It takes less than 5 minutes to reach our places by foot.

The Barcelona Public Transport website 

Also, if you need to find a specific address somewhere in Barcelona you can visit this site. Just enter the address and number that you want and you get a map of the surrounding area. Useful for those smaller, more difficult to find attractions.

You will find that travel within the city of Barcelona is easier than most places in the world. The locals are friendly and helpful so if you DO manage to become lost, just ask for directions as best you can and you're sure to receive a helpful response.